lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

SOS: How you choose face cream? part 1

Hello dear and good Monday!

I decided to touch this subject because I think you give too little importance , or at least there is too little information on the choice of this product that it is the basis of our beauty : FACE CREAM!

I also decided to divide this section in order to analyze step in its totality this topic. The first step that we will face today is the DETERMINING SKIN'S TYPE.
Many of you who read this post they will know definitely what is your skin type, but I advise you to keep reading because at most you 'll have a confirmation of what you already know! ^ _ ^

So, how do we recognize what our skin type you belong to?

Easier to do than to say!! You just need to pay attention to your skin ESPECIALLY in the morning, as soon as you are awake, because the skin is refreshed upon awakening because it isn't yet been subject to external stress to which it is present in its true nature.

Below I will list the features that they present for every type of skin, the description that most closely matches your situation will indicate to you that your skin belongs to that category!


Surely it is the most common type of skin between us women but not all. Its main feature is to present a very oily skin in the "T-zone" that is the forehead, nose and chin, and instead it remains dry on other areas of the face such as the cheeks. Usually there are many products on the market with the words "for mixed and oily skin" so we can say that normally we can use the recommended products for oily skin although it would be more profitable to use a special moisturizer on the cheeks and in T-zone specific products for oily skin, with these precautions the result will be optimal .


This type is certainly the most common in adolescence but not only in fact I belong to this category although I have passed adolescence for a while! haha ^ _ ^
If you feel your skin oily, it tends to get shiny and easy to pop some pimple too, well then welcome to the clan !!! hihi ;-)
It will be necessary to deal with specific products suitable for oily skin and the result will be much better , because this type of skin will be deeply hydrated and eliminate excess sebum, so a simple moisturizer will not be enough.


If you feel your skin that "pulls" as if you had got the sun all day before or that it prone to epidermal desquamation very easily then your skin is definitely dry. I recommend to you to be very careful with this type because it will be very deeply hydrated to stay healthy throughout the day and especially it being very delicate you don't stress too much.


Well girls if you don't belong to any of the above categories, it means that your skin is normal and then what will I serve?!?!? hihihi ;-)
Well girls if you do not belong to any of the above categories , it means that your skin is normal, and then what will I serve? !?!? hihihi
If you submit this type you can just moisturize your skin and you will be perfect without resorting to too many tricks!!! LUCKY!!!!

Well sweets, now that we have identified the different types of skin in the next step we analyze how to choose the most appropriate face creams on the market!!!
And then ...we'll see you at the next post!!