venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

New collaboration with YESFOR.COM!

Hello sweetness and good Friday!

Finally, I present to you the contents of the package that arrived on Wednesday afternoon! Are you curious?!?

The content is very special and important to me because it comes by the

and they are mostly products that they will be useful for me to realize the fantastic....NAIL ART!!! Look here in detail!!

This product for nail art does not go well ! hahaha ;-) but it is very useful to achieve super hairstyles!

Have you seen many beautiful products?

There are also fake nails on the stick to make greater practice of micro painting, waiting for my natural nails lend themselves to better!! In fact, tomorrow I will fulfill my first super nail art with these wonderful products!

Then I also came a lot of false eyelashes a very natural effect that I can't wait to try!!!
I feel like a child again on Christmas Day!! hihi ;-)

Do you like new arrivals sweetness? Did you know that online shop?

As soon as I will have tried these products I will make you a lot of detailed reviews also indicate the code for your purchase!

I leave with you , however, the link of their website in case you want to take a look! click here! <-

Well sweets, I hope, as usual, it did help!

We'll see you at the next post!

A big kiss!