venerdì 10 ottobre 2014


Hello sweetness!

Here I am with the first post! It is dedicated to a review of a product that I purchased a few weeks ago of YVES ROCHER : the REFRESHING GEL CLEANSER of HYDRA VEGETAL!

First of all I wanted to tell you about this line of YR, the HYDRA VEGETAL, particularly suitable for skin that needs to be deeply hydrated. The line includes:

- Moisture Boost Concentrate (€ 11,95)

- Moisturising Cream SPF 25 (€ 7,95)

- Fresh gel undereye bags (€ 7,95)

- Intense Hydration Mask (€ 7,95)

- Hydrating micellar water 2 en 1 (€ 5,95)

- 24H Rich Hydrating Cream (€ 7,95)

- 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream (€ 6,95)

- Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser (€ 12,95)

- Hydrating cleansing milk (€ 4,95)

- Hydrating Toner (€ 4,95)

If you are looking for the products that they make your skin more toned and hydrated, these are definitely for you!
We come now, however, the more detailed review of Refreshing Gel Cleanser that I tested for about a month.
Like any facial cleansing gel, it should be applied to slightly damp skin after you have to rub it for good, then you rinse with lukewarm water. I've used both morning and evening.


 AQUA (solvent)
 GLYCERIN (solvent)
 GLYCERYL COCOATE  (emollient)
 PHENOXYETHANOL (preservative)
 PEG-30 GLYCERYL LAURATE (emulsifier)
 METHYLPARABEN (preservative)
 XANTHAN GUM (thickener)
 SODIUM HYDROXIDE (buffering agent)
 PANTHENOL (antistatic)
 ETHYLPARABEN (preservative)
 ACER SACCHARINUM (biological additive)
 PROPYLPARABEN (preservative)
 SODIUM BENZOATE (preservative)
 POTASSIUM SORBATE (preservative)
 CI 42090 (coloring cosmetic)

The PAO (Period After Opening) is 12 months.

I tell you the truth, now from Yves Rocher I always expect a very high level, because I find that their products are valid and effective, but unfortunately, this product has not been able to meet my expectations, both in terms of the INCI , it is not one of the best of YR,  both for the result that I found on my skin.
I let me explain. It is cleansing and moisturizing , but I find that it doesn't fully perform, as my skin tends to be oily, it leaves you feeling stuck that you understand well it isn't the best to get from gel cleanser that it should be cleaned the skin and it doesn't have to give a feeling of  "not clean"!
I solved this problem by applying a small dab of product on your face and then I rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the gel. So you understand that I do not feel I recommend it, even if I do , however, the judgments that they are obviously personal , but in the future I want to try other gel cleansers such as the Pure System line with which I found myself very well!

The price for this gel cleanser is € 4.95 for a tube of 125 ml and like all Yves Rocher products you can buy them directly from the Yves Rocher Beauty Councillor, this is facebook page

My ratings for this product is ...

As usual, I hope that my review has been helpful!

We 'll see you at the next post!