lunedì 27 ottobre 2014


Good afternoon delights and happy monday!

How many of you have asked this question at least once? I've never done as I have a clear and precise idea on the subject. I literally LOVE tattoos and in fact I have less than 5! :-) 
But in this post I would like to compare myself with you to know what is your opinion about this topic and if you think that tattoos are a form of "make-up" or at least a way to make more beautiful our body.

Tattooing is an art really old, you think the ancient Egyptian civilization, a people very artistic in itself in fact they have been found mummies with real geometric designs on the body, tattoos made ​​with a mixture of oil and soot. You also think eyes' makeup is very intense and overwhelming.

as you see even Queen Cleopatra's depictions, for which in ancient times this "ritual" of the paint on the body was much in vogue.
For this reason I think it's simplistic to think that it is a trend in recent years.
We come now to the pros and cons concerning purely medical. The tattoo is an injection of dyes under the skin so it is absolutely ESSENTIAL to ensure that the tattoo artist that we are facing, first he checks the hygiene of the tools, that he uses safe substances and of course that he is able to meet our demands because you always remember that a tattoo is for life so you have to be sure not only 80% but 110% !!!!
Like almost all "fads" and trends Americans are getting a step ahead of us, in fact it is estimated that in the USA there are just under 90 million people tattooed, while in Italy this passion was born a few years, initially on people with an age above 25 years, but slowly the bar fell with children between the ages of 12 and 18 who they choose to do the first tattoo.
I will also document that substances that are injected to us they may also be carcinogenic even if it is absolutely impossible to document an increase in skin cancer in people with tattoo than those who did not have it.

Now I 'll show you my tattoo :

This was the first one that I got at age 15 (I know it may seem early but it was a deal I made ​​with my parents, if the average grades in school was higher than 8.5, I would have got a tattoo, it was not an incentive for me as I have always loved to study but a simple agreement because I've always had a soft spot for the tattoo!!!), it is a simple tribal located in the lower back.

This is the second, it is placed over the breast, on the shoulder

These are two tattoo created at different times but then rejoined into one, they created above the ankle

This is the last tattoo in order of time , and it is also the largest and the one that has a special meaning for me, it is placed on the belly

There is a kind of superstition when you think that tattoos should always be odd and in order to avoid free misfortune hahaha ;-) I stopped at 5.

I haven't ever regretted it and I never will do it because when I decided to get a tattoo design I was sure that I liked it at 110%!

If I can give you some advice, maybe you choose from the many images on the Internet and then you set it as the background on your PC or smartphone so seeing her every day for maybe one or two months in a row you can be sure that if you have not baked then you will really enjoy it!!

That said I'm pro-tattoo because I consider them a form of art and beautification of the body, but don't overdo it, because I don't like for nothing instead of body parts such as arms, back,... completely tattooed, I find them very exaggerated but as you can see it's all a matter of taste!

What do you think? Do you have tattoos or would like to have it?

Please let me know!!

Big kisses!