mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

SOS: how to take care of OILY SKIN! Part 2

Good evening sweetness!

I am here with the second part of this section "SOS : how to choose a cream". Today we will analyze the very good choice for OILY skin and also what precautions we can implement to improve the appearance of this type of skin.

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Unfortunately oily skin is a real hassle besides it being definitely a cosmetic problem because the skin is shiny and oily as if we were just dipped in the oil ready to be fried like a good cutlet haha ;-) but it is also annoying because the result of this "breading" are pimples and blacks points (from bad to worse!!!)!

Furthermore, if we already naturally suffer from this problem, unconsciously using the wrong products by simply cleansing with creams and masks, we could also make the situation worse!
With this column I will try to advise you therefore some products or some ingredients that they fade and improve problem.

Let's start from the crucial element: THE DIET!

You've got it right sweetness, first of all, we pay attention to what we eat, what not to say absolutely diet or abolished sweets and fatty foods, I am of the philosophy that you have to eat everything but just pay attention to the quantity.

If we talk about nutrition for healthy skin, things to know are few and simple.

  1. There are foods such as fruits (ex. Pears, oranges, ..) and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, beans, ...) as rich in vitamins (especially A and E) are great to help the skin to balance itself;
  2. As always, water is essential for the health of our body and therefore also of the skin, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters/gallons a day;
  3. Eating at least two/three times a week fish and even some legumes (such as soybeans) as rich in omega 3 that it counteracts skin aging.
  4. Avoid as much as possible (but occasionally there is an exception to the rule!) very fatty and fried foods that they go to "weigh" the body and everything has an impact also on the skin;
  5. Limit alcohol;
  6. NO SMOKING, this isn't just a recommendation to keep the skin always perfect but you will know well the damage that smoking causes all over the body, then you are in doubt, don't do it!

If you follow quite closely those 6 points, you'll benefit the balance between hydration and sebum production of your skin, but the diet isn't enough.
I also remember that exercise and prolonged sweating helps the elimination of excess sebum.

But if we talk about cosmetics, things to know are many, but all very simple:

  1. You give a lot of importance to the cleansing of the skin, however, you use products and detergents designed for combination skin and oily as many soaps available on the market tend to dehydrate and dry the skin, causing an excessive production of sebum. I will advise you to wash your skin at least twice a day, but for example in the summer whenever you deem it appropriate, however, without overdoing it.
  2. Choose cosmetics (creams , masks, cleansers , ...) only suitable to oily skin.
  3. Once a week would be necessary to open the pores by the action of steam, if you like I'll show you in a future video as I do is really simple and effective. Of course, once we have dilated pores we have to act on them with a scrub or a mask and then you rinse everything with cold water (which it will be used to close the pores)
  4. Create creams or products with natural ingredients anti-impurity, astringents and disinfectants such as tea tree, peppermint, sage, rosemary, ...(recipes that I will introduce shortly in the address book Caro BIOdiario)

Of course, in the market there are many special cosmetics for oily skin but you always remember to check the INCI as if you will use products with silicones, parabens petrolatum and the effect could still be harmful even though it is the products listed in this category.

Well sweets, I hope this post has been helpful!

Please let me know with a lot of comments!!