mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Choice of makeup brush: review ROSEWHOLESALE pink brush

Hello dear!!

We begin this Wednesday with a very special review, as I will talk about the set of brushes that I received from the cooperation with ROSEWHOLESALE.COM.

RoseWholesale is a company that it deals with online sales of clothes, accessories, makeup products, jewelry ... you will find a lot of really fabulous products with excellent value for money!! I have intrigued you?!? Then click HERE and you will be directed to their website!

Back to us I 'll show you the set that I want to discuss:

As you see, this set is enclosed in a cute red clutch bag that you can easily fit into a large bag, in case you require a facelift to make up during the day!
I'll tell you the truth, I chose it mainly for the color because I really like pink brushes!! But not just for that. In fact, in the set we find practically all the main brushes that they serve us for the make up, what is not obvious!

We have brushes for face powder, foundation, blush and bronzer, then we find thin and plates brushes to define the best possible way our eye makeup and there are also brushes to comb and fix eyelashes and eyebrows.

I wanted to wait to tell you about it because I wanted to test them for at least a month and then I wanted to make them different washes. 
There has never happened to buy some good quality brushes ( also paid enough) and after two / three washes the bristles begin to lose? I unfortunately happened, so I wanted to make sure that this doesn't happen in this case and I have to tell you that I am fully satisfied.
I washed them four times and they have always kept their shape after washing, residues of color are removed easily and once they are dried, they are back soft!
I will keep you informed in the case, however, some change happen, but for now I absolutely recommend them!

Their price is $ 8.57 so really good and you can buy them on the site by clicking this link

My vote is...

Well sweets, I hope that you enjoyed this review and that it has been helpful!! You let me know below with lots of comments!

Big hugs!!