lunedì 13 ottobre 2014

Let's talk about perfumes...YVES ROCHCER Comme une Evidence Eau de Parfum!

Good morning sweetness!

I want to talk you about a perfume of YVES ROCHER Comme une Evidence.

This is the sample that I tested

and this is the package that in case of purchase, you will receive at home!

It seems like yesterday that we were on holiday atmosphere, but among almost two months we will be at Christmas! So it seems only right to consider these reviews of perfumes, because in my opinion they are always appreciated gift idea, especially for us women!
Yves Rocher has created a Christmas catalog with gorgeous gift boxes and with different price ranges, in case you want to take a look at the catalog (in italian) click here 

This perfume is a floral fragrance typically very sweet and refined. Once vaporized you can hear the notes of Violet, Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Musk and Patchouli that they will envelop you in a spiral of sweetness and elegance.


 ALCOHOL DENAT. (solvent)
 AQUA (solvent)
 HYDROXYCITRONELLAL (allergenic fragrance)
 ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE (allergenic fragrance)
 HEXYL CINNAMAL (allergenic fragrance)
 GERANIOL (allergenic fragrance)
 CITRONELLOL (allergenic fragrance)
 LINALOOL (allergenic fragrance)
 BENZYL SALICYLATE (allergenic fragrance)
 EUGENOL (allergenic fragrance)
 FARNESOL (allergenic fragrance)
 CINNAMYL ALCOHOL (allergenic fragrance)
 BENZYL BENZOATE (allergenic fragrance)
 BENZYL ALCOHOL (allergenic fragrance / preservative / solvent)
 ISOEUGENOL (allergenic fragrance)
 CI 17200 (coloring cosmetic)
 CI 19140 (coloring cosmetic)

Surely we aren't in the presence of an INCI green, but the perfume we do much less attention to the INCI compared to other products, or at least in my case this is so, because I'm not particularly fond of perfumes so I use them relatively little compared to creams, shampoos , makeup product, etc... But if you definitely want an organic product, this is not exactly right for you!

Personally I don't love its scent because I can't stand fragrances too sweet because I find that make me sick a lot.
But if the very sweet and floral scents are what you seek, then this eau de parfum can be an excellent choice!!

The price is € 26.50 for 50 ml vapo , if you want instead larger size of 100 ml the price is € 29.95. So certainly compared to other perfumes of "brand " on the market that cost more than twice, this is a very convenient product!

My vote (of course on personal taste ! ) is ...

I would remind you that if you want to buy or receive information about Yves Rocher's products, you can just click HERE to go to visit Councillor Beauty's facebook page that she will be happy to answer all your questions (sent only in Italy)!

Well girls, I hope this review has been helpful!

A hug!